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Community Guidelines

Blog submissions are welcome on all topics related to food and cooperative enterprises.

Our blog is an outreach platform that serves three functions:

  • to provide a discussion board for member-owners to share ideas and tell our collective story
  • to inspire new member-owners to join!
  • to foster connection and collaboration with other cooperatives and food justice enterprises


Submitting Content, Process and Guidelines
  1. Use the form below to submit articles for publishing.
  2. After you’ve submitted your piece, the blog editor will get back to you within 3-5 business days.
    • If they have feedback, it will be returned to you alongside your piece. Please feel free to ask questions about any of the feedback if it is unclear.
    • If it is minimal // there is no feedback, your piece will be posted! You may be asked to provide additional information beforehand (subtitle, chosen tags, etc).
  3. If you would like, there is an opportunity to give feedback to the editor about the submitting process!
Writing Guide


  • Blog posts should give readers a takeaway that they can apply to their own cooperative efforts or enterprises.
  • Blog posts should connect us with other coops, cooperative resources and food growers, makers, servers, suppliers.


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Current Prompt – APRIL 2019
Prompt Archive
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Current Prompt – APRIL 2019


How does the theme of commoning manifest in your life? In our communities? Why and how is commoning sustained? What needs to happen for commoning to be an effective force of positive change? What are instances of community and commoning in everyday life? What are some constructive critiques of the commoning movement?

To submit a piece relating to the prompt/theme, fill out the Piece Submission form under the Submitting Content tab on the left-hand side of this page.

Prompt Archive

MARCH 2019 – Women’s History Month

FEBRUARY 2019 – Black History Month

JANUARY 2019 – N/A


NOVEMBER 2018 – What does local resilience mean to you?

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