Become a Member/Owner

Single Payment

$175 one-time payment

Quarterly Payment Plan

$25 every 3 months for 21 months

Monthly Payment Plan

$8.75 per month for 20 months

Who owns the Co-op? Member-owners like you!

Become a member-owner of the Common Share Food Co-op today. With a $175 equity share — paid all at once or on a payment plan — you’re in!

OFFLINE OPTION: Prefer to pay by mail? Download the brochure at the bottom of this page, tear off the registration form, and mail a check in the full amount made out to “Common Share Food Co-op.”

Need help?

Claim a ‘Sponsored Share’ today. Sponsors have provided $100 toward your $175 equity share. Your part, $75, can be paid all at once or on a payment plan.

One-Time Sponsored Payment

Pay $75 toward your sponsored membership today.

Quarterly Sponsored Payment

Pay $75 toward your sponsored membership in three quarterly payments of $25.

Why membership?

If anyone can shop at the Common Share Food Co-op, why become a member instead of a regular customer? Here are some benefits to consider.

You can…

  • receive certain discounts and can participate in members-only truckload sales
  • get annual dividends in profitable years based on a percentage of how much you spend at the Co-op
  • run for a seat on the Board of Directors
  • participate in all decision-making that goes up for a vote. It’s democratic membership: One person, one vote!

Member-owners can feel proud to know that they are supporting a business that…

  • puts people before profit
  • centers and prioritizes supporting and strengthening the whole community
  • promotes and supports social, racial, economic justice
  • pays fair wages and supports fair-trade
  • operates with transparency; that cooperates, rather than competes with other co-ops
  • engages in socially-responsible business practices
  • supports small farmers and producers, which in turn decreases the harmful environmental impact that factory farming imposes on people and the planet