Excitement About the Amherst Food Co-op! — by Arleen Thomson

As a recently retired nutritionist, I wanted to find a way to give back to a community that has blessed me so very much over the years. When I read about the Amherst Food Co-op coming soon, I quickly became a member and volunteer.  As a result, I have met many wonderful people, hosted two parties at my home, and recruited new members to join as well. I feel passionate about Amherst having it’s own Co-op – after all, Leverett, Greenfield, and Northampton have had Co-ops for years, and Easthampton will soon have one.  We only have two grocery stores in Amherst, so we are ripe for a Co-op!

It’s exciting to know we will have a local store that sells nutritious, healthy foods grown by our own farmers. Healthy food promotes healthy people which lowers health costs, so the Co-op is an investment in our community as well as our health. Jobs will be created and available to our own community, and profits will stay here in Amherst. Of course other local products will be available as well, such as soaps, creams, jewelry, candles and much more.

I have been volunteering at the Amherst Survival Center as well and I know that the Co-op will support them by donating excess items from the store on a regular basis.

The focus of the board members is quite admirable, as they aim to make the Amherst Food Co-op available to all members of our community by having those who are able to contribute more do so in order that others may benefit.

It’s very exciting to be a member/owner/volunteer who is able to shape the Co-op to match our needs in our community.

Sincerely, Arleen

Arleen Thomson, RD

Interested in hosting a house party? Contact Andy Grant, Co-op Outreach Coordinator.

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  • Arleen, You are a super co-op booster and dedicated volunteer. You’ve hosted TWO house parties and helped the co-op carry its message to many people. Thank you, Arleen!!
    Does anyone else want to host a party? Just contact Andy Grant, outreach coordinator, and we’ll help set you up!

  • Ju-Pong Lin
    May 3, 2018 8:50 pm

    Great company, delicious food. I’m inspired to host a party myself!

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