Welcome to your blog!

This post is to provide an overview of how to submit content to the Amherst Food Co-op’s blog.

I invite you to notice and explore a new page on the website – The Blog Home Base. Everything that is not content will be posted here – guidelines, announcements, prompts, feedback forms, etc. There are also three tabs in the body of this page, which I explain below. However, I also invite you to explore that page on your own and come back to this post if anything doesn’t make sense.


1) Community Guidelines

Please note that these are not content guidelines (see next bullet). These are the guidelines that will be practiced on this platform to each other and ourselves. They are a living document. If you have a change you’d like to see enacted, please submit it via the feedback form.

They currently are:

Blog submissions are welcome on all topics related to food and cooperative enterprises.

Our blog is an outreach platform that serves three functions:

  • to provide a discussion board for member-owners to share ideas and tell our collective story
  • to inspire new member-owners to join!
  • to foster connection and collaboration with other cooperatives and food justice enterprises

(from JuPong’s piece: https://commonsharefood.coop/2018-012-2/)

2) Submitting Content, Process, and Guidelines

This tab goes into a little bit of depth about how to submit work to the blog. It is as follows:

  1. Use the form below to submit articles for publishing. October 2018’s writing prompt is What does local resilience mean to you?
  2. After you’ve submitted your piece, the blog editor will get back to you within 3-5 business days.
    • If they have feedback, it will be returned to you alongside your piece. Please feel free to ask questions about any of the feedback if it is unclear.
    • If it is minimal // there is no feedback, your piece will be posted! You may be asked to provide additional information beforehand (subtitle, chosen tags, etc).
  3. If you would like, there is an opportunity to give feedback to the editor about the submitting process!

Click here for the form to submit content!

3) Writing Guide(s)

Currently, this tab only holds two bullets:

  • Blog posts should give readers a takeaway that they can apply to their own cooperative efforts or enterprises.
  • Blog posts should connect us with other coops, cooperative resources and food growers, makers, servers, suppliers.


I will be adding more soon, starting with a one-two page guide on writing, both in general and to the ‘blog’ or ‘article’ format.

4) Feedback

If you have feedback on anything relating to the blog, please use this form to get in touch with me, Ross.

Of course, this is our starter page. As things change and grow, there may be menu updates and tabs may be moved to their own page(s).


Starting this month, we will be hosting a prompt either submitted by one of you, or by myself.


What does local resilience mean to you?

I purposefully leave this open to interpretation, but if you feel further guidance would be appreciated, visit the Blog Home Base page, on the right-hand side.

To submit a prompt, click to this page.

Translation | Traducción | 翻译

ENGLISH: For an instant translation of these statements into other languages, click “Select Language” at the top of the page.

SPANISH: Para una traducción instantánea de estas declaraciones a otros idiomas, haga clic en “Select Language” en la parte superior de la página.

CHINESE: 要将这些语句立即翻译成其他语言,请单击页面顶部的 “Select Language”

Do you feel ready? What else do you need?

Get in touch with me via the feedback form. If it’s urgent, please email blog@commonsharefood.coop.



C. Ross
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