Community Space Survey

Tell us what you want in a cooperative food store that is also a true community hub!

Where do you go to find community?

The Common Share Food Co-op will be a full-service grocery store where you can do all of your regular food shopping. But it will be much more than that: It will be a place where people meet, chat, share a meal, enjoy some music or art and gather in an inclusive space. In short, after your home and your workplace, it will be your “third place.” All in all, we envision a Co-op where people get together to make the Amherst area an even better place for all who live here!

Big dreams? Yes! We need YOUR help to make these dreams a reality.

Please take 10-15 minutes to do this survey. We want to learn about where you go to be with other people. We want to understand how our community is using the gathering spaces that are currently available in our area. What’s missing in these spaces? What kinds of activities do you look for in community gathering places?

Help us build a co-op that will serve the greatest number of people in all the communities the Common Share Food Co-op will serve!

Complete the survey by 10/2 and receive 20% off Bart’s Ice Cream in Amherst!