Blog | March’s Theme and February Highlights

Moving to March: Blog Theme Announcement and February Highlights

For the month of March, the Common Share Food Co-op Blog is focusing on National Women’s History Month.

The National Women’s History Museum has a website dedicated to the month. It includes the month’s history (it started as Women’s History Week, signed into effect by U.S. President Jimmy Carter in 1980), why it’s important, and how the month has changed and formed over time. Each year has a specific theme, and for 2019 it is: “Visionary Women: Champions of Peace & Nonviolence.” This theme is annually selected by the National Women’s History Alliance.

For the co-op blog, feel free to submit content on or focusing around women-identified leaders in the co-op movement, in your communities, women in farming, gardening, community organizing, and more.

Interested in Submitting to the Blog?

The Common Share Food Co-op blog greatly encourages member-owners and volunteers to send in contributions to the blog. Your submission(s) can be a think-piece, op-ed, informational, journalistic, short story, poetry, photos for our community gallery, and more. You can also submit monthly blog prompts.

Common Share Food Co-op organization is a co-op, and those same principles apply to the blog! Anyone and everyone can submit content, as you are all member-owners of the blog. The Blog Editor, C. Ross, is working on a ‘Crash-Course in Blogging’ post for this month, and a general writing guide for those that are new to this style of writing or are interested in writing more in general. Please do not hesitate to email them with questions, comments, or concerns (and/or if you’d like to help develop the writing guide(s)).

February Highlights: Black History Month (BHM)

Collective Courage A History of African American Cooperative Economic Thought and Practice Jessica Gordon Nembhard

BHM | Jessica Gordon Nembhard on the History of African-American Cooperative Economic Practice
Intro by Emily Chiara and Ju-Pong Lin

African-American farm and home demonstration agents pose for a group photograph under the Booker T. Washington monument at Tuskegee Institute, July 15, 1925: Wikipedia

BHM | Hidden Histories: “7 Contributions of Black Farmers to Agriculture” – Poughkeepsie Farm Project
Intro by C. Ross

BHM | 4 Not-So-Easy Ways to Dismantle Racism in the Food System – Leah Penniman
Intro by Emily Chiara

In February, we focused on Black History Month. If you haven’t had a chance to read or skim these articles yet, we encourage you to do so, as many of the guiding principles of today’s co-ops emerged from black communities. Click on the images below to read the articles.

While the month is over, it always an appropriate time to appreciate, honor, support, and share stories of black history, community, and current issues- especially in our current political climates.

To conclude: Happy March, and stay dry!


C. Ross
Common Share Food Co-op
Blog Editor