Common Share Food Co-op’s Commitment to Social Justice

Common Share Food Co-op commits to fostering and creating an anti-racist, anti-discriminatory environment, and to engaging in anti-racist and anti-discriminatory practices. We recognize that for Common Share Food Co-op to benefit the entire community, it must reflect and be responsive to the needs of the entire community. Common Share Food Co-op commits to working together with our community to address issues of racial, social, and economic justice in the food system and to create a food store that will serve all. We encourage all members of our community to participate in the creation of the business, to become member-owners, and to run for leadership positions.

Common Share Food Co-op will strive to:

  • Build a locally owned food store that will work in collaboration with other existing community resources to help strengthen community resilience
  • Create meaningful jobs for our worker-owners
  • Pay fair wages to our worker-owners
  • Keep decision-making power in the hands of the worker-owners and the member-owners, in collaboration with an elected Board of Directors
  • Engage in anti-racist, anti-discriminatory hiring practices and policies
  • Ensure physical access to the store for people with disabilities
  • Continually work to find ways to make the store as economically accessible as possible to as many people in the community as possible
  • Support our local farmers and producers, helping to reduce our dependence on large, corporate food-production systems that contribute to environmental degradation
  • Strengthen our local economy and keep our hard-earned dollars in the community
  • Offer educational workshops