New (Interim) Blog Editor, New Guidelines

Chi Lin has decided to transition from his role as Blog Editor to become a regular contributing author to the blog instead. We want to give Chi a big shout out for helping us launch the blog and showing us how we can improve. We look forward to his contributions!

Board Member, JuPong Lin, will take over Chi’s role as Interim Blog Editor until we find another volunteer who’s interested. JuPong would like to introduce these guidelines for future contributors. If anyone is interested in taking over as Blog Editor, please email Meanwhile, Keep your stories coming!

Blog Guidelines:

Blog submissions are welcome on all topics related to food and cooperative enterprises.

Our blog is an outreach platform that serves three functions:

  • to provide a discussion board for member-owners to share ideas and tell our collective story
  • to inspire new member-owners to join!
  • to foster connection and collaboration with other cooperatives and food justice enterprises

Content objectives:

  • Blog posts should give readers a takeaway that they can apply to their own cooperative efforts or enterprises.
  • Blog posts should connect us with other coops, cooperative resources and food growers, makers, servers, suppliers.

We ask new bloggers to run your topic ideas by the editor before beginning a piece. Topics:

  • Monday—dedicated to Meatless Monday recipes
  • Fridays— Stories of Caring and Sharing
  • Middle of the week posts are open topics, such as what’s growing in your garden, food sovereignty, culinary herbs, young people’s relationship with food, community events, progress on the Amherst Food Coop, etc

The review process will take a couple of weeks, and bloggers can expect to receive feedback on their piece and may be asked to revise their submission before we post.

When possible, submit an image along with your post (photo or art—art is food! as Bread and Puppet Theater proclaims). Share photos at the highest resolution or “actual size.” Please include a caption and photo credit.

We encourage you to repost articles on social media or your own blogs! And submit reposts from your favorite food or coop blogs to ours. Send submissions to